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Amiens Memorial Park and Grounds


The Amiens Memorial Park and Ground upgrade comprises a number of sub projects being undertaken by the Amiens History Association and volunteers that lead up to the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the return of the soldiers and the uptake of the Pikedale Soldier Settlement Scheme.


It comprises the following:


  • Clean up of the Amiens Cricket Ground

  • Clean up of the Amiens Tennis Courts

  • Clean up around the original site of the Amiens Memorial Hall (now located at Storm King Dam Recreational Centre)

  • Clean up of the picnic area

  • Installation of new picnic tables

  • installation of walking trails through the nature reserve to the boulder clusters and rock pavements

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Stage 1 is being funded by various grants and fund-raising activities and is well within the capabilities of AHA to complete and operate. Specifically, AHA members and their volunteer support group will provide the volunteer labour to undertake many of these projects.



Roger Willis - 0428 100 277

Alec Harslett - 0428 833 168

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