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Welcome the Amiens History Association where you will be immersed in the fascinating history of soldier settlements, military backgrounds, the role of rail, and the legacy we have established in the Granite Belt part of southern Queensland.

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Visit and explore

... the interesting and informative Amiens Legacy Centre and surrounds - now open to the public with tour guides available on Saturdays from 10am to 1pm and by appointment.

Read and learn

... about the village of Amiens, its ancient geology, the First Nations people who passed through, the impact of pastoralists and miners, and the controversial Pikedale Soldiers' Settlement Scheme and historical life and times for returned solders in the 1920's.

Get involved

... and support the Amiens History Association with its projects, its events, its community work and its long lasting legacy to the Stanthorpe and wider Granite Belt community.

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