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Below is information about the social activities the residents of the Pikedale Soldier Settlement Scheme were involved in.

Amiens Memorial Hall


The Amiens Memorial Hall was built in 1926  to service the community and social needs of the residents of the Pikedale Soldier Settlement Scheme. Over time it has been used for the annual Amiens Agricultural Show displays, dances and many other events.


In 1976, this building was moved to Storm King Dam to become part of the Fred Rogers Recreation Centre.


In Amiens, only the stumps remain on the left of Memorial Lane to show the hall’s original location.

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The Croft Hotel

Hotel Photo 1.JPG

The hotel was the Croft family residence and business premises at Amiens during the 1920s.



St Denys Anglican Church

Anglican Church Photo 1972.JPG

St Denys church was built to meet the spiritual and social needs of the soldiers and families who settled in Amiens and surrounding area. Named after the patron saint of France, St Denys exists today with services being conducted on the third Sunday of the month.

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Methodist Church


The Methodist Church was erected in 1920, in a location that was south along Memorial La and opposite the cricket field. The building, pews, pulpit and organ being the generous gift of the Killarney Circuit, Rev. WT Phillips, the first minister and Amiens resident.


In 1945 this church was moved to Severnlea and currently enjoys a second life as the Severnlea Uniting Church.

St Patrick's Catholic Church


St Patrick's Catholic Church sits opposite the Amiens Legacy Centre and was relocated in 1964, having been relocated from Sugarloaf.


Whilst the building still exists today, it is now privately owned.

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