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Below is information about the different industries that supported or came about because of, the Pikedale Soldier Settlement Scheme.

The State Sawmill

State Sawmill at Amiens (FTP of cutting

The state sawmill at Amiens was built for the purpose of cutting timber to build the government offices and homes for returned men on settlement blocks. 

The State Store

State Store Photo 2.JPG

The state store housed many food and equipment items that the settlers required. It was unique in that the train line ran straight past one of its doors for easy unloading. 

The state store has been moved from its original site, but it still exists today on private residence. 

The Pikedale Solider Settlement Cooperative Jam and Processing Co Ltd

Cannery Photo 4 - opening.JPG

The official opening of the Pikedale Soldiers' Settlement Co-operative Jam and Processing Company Ltd on 11 December, 1920, with FC Shelden (Manager/Sec.) presiding. This company became famous for its 'Digger' tomato soup. 

Experimental Farm

Experimental Farm Photo 1.JPG

In the state experimental farm grew 20 acres of fruit trees and 2 acres of grapes. Settlers were encouraged to work on the farm for 3 months to a year to learn the skills needed to tend their block of land and make a living from it. 

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