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Below is information about the services provided by the Australian Government to support the Pikedale Soldier Settlement Scheme. 

Surveyor's camp

Surveyor's Camp photo amended.jpg

The surveyor's camp, near the water reservoir, was set up for the surveyors who came to Amiens to survey soldier settlement blocks included in the Pikedale Soldier Settlement Scheme.  

First post office

Post Office (original) Pg 4.JPG

The first post office, managed by Mr Tom Trevethan, was a rubberoid building located across the road and a little east of the second post office at the corner of Post Office La and Amiens Rd. 

Pikedale Provisional Soldier Settlement School

School Photo 1.JPG

The Pikedale Provisional Soldier Settlement school was initially build near the men's quarters. By Jan 1920, this new building was built on the current school site, and in Nov 1920, was named the Amiens State School.  This school is still in active service today.

Government offices - the Lands Office

Residences - Land's Office.JPG

This building housed the government offices that formed the administration centre for the Pikedale Soldier Settlement Scheme. This building still exists today but in later years, the new post office was added to its northern side. 

Bush Nursing Association

Bush Nurse Photo 1.JPG

The Bush Nursing Association opened in Amiens in October, 1920 from a share in £15,000 donated to Queensland from the British Red Cross with the suggestion that returned soldiers benefit. This building still exists today. 

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